Convenience Store Decisions: Enhance Data Security with MPS Redbox

From Convenience Store Decisions 

June 28, 2011

The Managed PCI System (MPS) Redbox is Reliant Security’s flagship security appliance, designed for merchants with multi-site retail environments, and provides broad, integrated and high-performance protection against data security threats, while simplifying and reducing the costs of PCI remediation. The MPS Redbox is an open architecture appliance designed to comprehensively address the PCI technical requirements; as a result retail merchants can achieve a successful PCI audit. By eliminating the need for complex integration of multiple network products, Reliant Security reduces the cost of PCI Remediation substantially. The MPS securely automates and manages many compliance-related tasks and data security events, automatically polling stores for security logs and creating alerts where further investigation is required. Redbox configurations can be viewed, accessed and managed from corporate headquarters. Redbox also has strong capability to host, deliver and enhance Web applications, allowing retailers to provide wireless Internet access in their stores.
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