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The presence of a Converged Infrastructure platform in our stores allowed us to employ Reliant’s technology to create an entirely new model for retail customer engagement. DTLR Radio is now widely recognized as an industry-leading approach to providing original live radio content with music, interviews, promotions, announcements and contests that engage customers as they shop. The result has been an overwhelming success.

Jeff Bowden , DTLR Director of Marketing & Outreach

Reliant helped us assess our all-store environment, working closely with our team to ensure that we have met all security requirements. As we implement our new high-speed network, the Redbox Platform will help us to remain PCI compliant and also provide an appliance platform that can be leveraged for additional customer-centric services. Our focus with the Redbox Platform going forward is to further improve our customers' shopping experiences.

Gary MacRae , Senior Vice President and CIO
Hudson News

Reliant's staff created a holistic design for PCI compliance that addressed our security needs at the network, application and system levels. Redbox Platform, with its integrated PCI DSS Controls, was a critical part of that design.

Tim Sayers , Director of IT

Allsup's has extensive proprietary business logic built into its own store level POS, ordering system and AS/400 environment. We simply couldn't walk away from years of investment. PCI compliance and data security were critical strategic objectives to our business, but it also needed to work within our existing framework. We wanted to comprehensively address PCI in one technological implementation. Additionally, as a result of this implementation, we now have a Redbox Platform virtualized server in every store that can be leveraged to deploy new-store and customer-facing solutions quickly with no additional hardware or related expenditures.

Initially we worked with Reliant as data security and PCI consultants because we needed to quickly become PCI compliant. We then learned about their Redbox Platform, and the many ways we could leverage the appliance to provide data security and other functionality. After evaluating other alternatives, we decided on Reliant and their Redbox Platform for the high level of security, innovation, and to ensure a successful PCI audit.

Bob Schoening , CIO
Total Wine & More

Reliant's Redbox Platform provides a comprehensive security solution that has been 'purpose built' to meet specified PCI compliance requirements. The Redbox Platform has been validated to be effective under strict PCI compliance testing procedures. The market demands more and this solution provider is actually delivering a validated solution.
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