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 Q   What does Reliant do?

 A   Founded in 2005, Reliant provides retail, convenience and restaurant store chains with a secure, cost-effective and centrally managed solution to host the next generation of applications that are driving today’s retail experience. Our patented Redbox Platform enables merchants to build an in-store private cloud that offers:

  • comprehensive network security,
  • a simplified networking infrastructure,
  • a locally hosted, centrally managed solution and
  • an impressive return on investment when used to host an array of value-added applications.

In addition to Redbox Platform, we offer consulting services, including PCI Gap Analysis and Remediation Planning, and managed services programs for infrastructure and security services as well as for hosted applications.

Our clients include many of the world’s foremost global retail brands in the specialty retail, luxury, restaurant and convenience store industries.

Reliant’s management team consists of leaders in the fields of networking, PCI compliance, POS and payment technology. We are located in New York City.

 Q   What is Redbox Platform?

 A   Redbox Platform is a patented retail systems platform for merchants with distributed retail locations. In addition to comprehensively satisfying the PCI Data Security Standards, it provides a powerful network infrastructure and an open platform to host a variety of in-store retail applications. Redbox Platform cost-effectively delivers VoIP, Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosk, DVR, Guest Wi-Fi, Payment Applications, Music and more from one centrally managed, locally hosted appliance. Redbox Platform configurations and software updates are managed centrally from the corporate office through Redbox Platform Manager.

 Q   How are Redboxes deployed?

 A   Reliant has developed a remote installation model for the Redbox Platform. Redboxes are shipped pre-configured for “Plug and Play” operation. Once a Redbox is connected to the store network, whether it be MPLS, broadband, VSAT, WWAN or 4G, the Redbox communicates with the Central Host and is automatically configured.

 Q   How are Redboxes managed?

 A   From minor changes in firewall rules, to delivery of new controls through major system upgrades, the Redbox Central Host’s remote access and management software provides the flexibility to make remote changes without ever entering the store. The Redbox remote monitoring system provides alerts on a wide variety of system health, configuration and performance status events. The same tools that enable Reliant’s low-cost remote deployment model can be used to improve efficiency of ongoing system management and extend to other back-end servers and front-end point-of-sale workstations, payment servers and related network infrastructure.

 Q   How does Reliant provide support for its Redbox installations?

 A   Reliant maintains a help desk to provide support to its customers. Support tickets can be opened online or over the phone. Additionally, Reliant can provide ongoing compliance support for its customers including system monitoring, upgrades and configuration changes on a consultative basis.

 Q   What data-security features and controls does Redbox Platform provide?

 A   Redbox Platform comprehensively addresses each of the PCI Requirements to ensure that merchants are audit-ready. Data-security features include:

  • Firewall
  • Logging
  • Segmentation
  • Wireless Security
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Systems Integrity
  • Access Control
  • VPN
  • Compliance Management

 Q   How is Redbox Platform different from other approaches to PCI compliance?

 A   Redbox Platform is the only patented, integrated solution from one provider that addresses each of the 12 sections of the PCI Requirements. Other PCI data-security solutions for retail environments typically require a “mini-data center” approach that involves multiple security devices and applications from multiple vendors, deployed in a customized configuration. Redbox Platform represents an integrated and pragmatic approach to PCI compliance by combining software, hardware and virtualization in a way that meets PCI compliance requirements at a very affordable cost.

 Q   What is the cost difference between the Reliant solution and traditional approaches to PCI?

 A   Cost savings vary by customer, but the cost of the Redbox Platform implementation is generally 50% less than competing solutions. For more information on cost comparisons see the Forrester Research Case Study: Reliant Security Innovates with Open Source Software.

 Q   How do I know the Reliant system is "PCI Compliant"?

 A   Redbox Platform is deployed in thousands of retail locations and our customers have passed repeated Level 1 PCI Audits, during which compliance was validated by an independent QSAC. Our active participation on the PCI Security Standards Council is paramount to our commitment to focus on PCI. This singular and razor-sharp focus is what allows us to keep our solutions at the forefront of the PCI Regulations and, as a result, keeps our customers ahead of the continuing changes and demands of PCI compliance.

For more information visit the Compliance Review Section of the Reliant Security PCI Solution White Paper.

 Q   What is "audit-readiness" and how does Redbox Platform support this?

 A   “Audit-readiness” refers to maintaining systems in a state in which the information required to validate compliance with an IT auditor or senior manager is continuously maintained and updated, so that the environment does not become non-compliant. Reliant designed Redbox Platform with audit-readiness in mind. A key design objective for all controls provided under the Redbox Platform relates to evidentiary output, or the extent to which Reliant can provide its clients with evidence on the integrity of these controls. The Reliant PCI portal will provide this data to IT managers and auditors on a secure basis. Additional architectural and design details for the portal can be found in the Redbox Platform Architecture.

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