Managed Services

Compliance is a Journey, not a Destination

Your compliance status is only as good as your ability to demonstrate that security controls are operating effectively. Reliant offers Managed Services [icon]infrastructure and services to manage installations of our patented Redbox Platform. We manage all aspects of the platform, including its health, status and ongoing maintenance, and review and resolve security events and alerts.


Benefits of our Managed Services Program:


  • Helps reduce capital costs
  • Provides access to Reliant’s specialized skills and expertise
  • Provides internal resource flexibility
  • Frees existing IT resources to be invested strategically to increase revenue and competitive advantage


At a time when PCI mandates would otherwise require increased staffing for data-security functions, IT departments have fewer resources to devote to this compliance function. As a result, our customers have increasingly turned to Reliant to manage the Redbox Platform, including associated PCI technical controls and hosted applications. Our Managed Services Program addresses the gaps that many merchants face when they are understaffed and/or lack the knowledge, skill set and expertise to manage PCI compliance. The Reliant Managed Services offering combines our extensive knowledge of PCI Requirements with our years of experience managing retail technology environments in the field.

Download our Managed Services Literature (PDF)

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