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Simplified Networking Infrastructure

Networking is the foundation of any retail systems deployment.Redbox Platform: Connect [icon] Redbox Platform incorporates robust networking features that replace or augment traditional stand-alone networking components. Unlike the traditional “want a new feature, buy a new box” approach, these features are highly configurable and can address a variety of environments without the need for new hardware. Redbox Platform features include:

  • VPN functionality to enable private communication to headquarters, payment processors or trusted vendors.
  • a firewall that provides network segmentation for both external and internal network segments.
  • a secure wireless infrastructure that offers both staff and guest wireless access while maintaining centralized control and monitoring.

Redbox Platform provides one of the broadest ranges of connectivity options available, covering both LAN and WAN technologies. Its open architecture enables a wide range of configurations, supporting numerous LAN and WAN network options, including:

√ LAN Port Switch

Redbox Platform is equipped with a number of 10/100/1000 gigabit Ethernet ports — ranging from one to thirty-two, depending on the hardware model — each of which can be configured as a separate layer 3 network, or aggregated together, in any combination, as a layer 2 switch.

√ WAN Connectivity

Redbox Platform allows for any interface or combination of interfaces to be configured as a WAN interface. Available interfaces include Ethernet, USB or serial. Connectivity options typically include Ethernet to a broadband modem or router, MPLS or T1 router, VSAT or USB 3G/4G modem.

√ VLANs and Wireless VLANs

Redbox Platform has full support for 802.1Q VLAN trunking. Up to 1024 separate VLANs can be assigned to any combination of physical or virtual interfaces. In addition, Redbox Platform can interface with wireless access points or switch and provide support for wireless VLANs via trunk interface.


Via USB interface, Redbox Platform accommodates 3G or 4G mobile wireless data modems. Use of the modem is controlled by flexible scripts, which can manage use of the link based on usage, network availability, time of day, source, destination, protocol and port.


Redbox Platform uses a flexible and efficient SSL-based VPN that runs smoothly and securely over any WAN medium.

√ Primary or Backup Connectivity

Redbox Platform provides primary or backup WAN connectivity from any of its interfaces. For example, it can be configured for primary connectivity using DSL with backup connectivity via a 3G/4G wireless link. It can also provide backup connectivity to a location, when paired with another router.

√ Routing Protocols

Redbox Platform supports most standard based routing protocols, including RIP, OSPF and BGP.


Redbox Platform offers robust quality-of-service options that can be established on a per-interface level. These include custom packet queuing and prioritization.



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